Asana is born from the illustrious and timeless lineage of yoga, and created to fit a yogi’s mind and body, just the way it is supposed to do.

Asana is clothing and accessories for yoga, but more like an extension of your own self. It offers tees and tracks, some mat covers and some mats, to begin with.

Asana presents a happier way to practice yoga. It symbolizes steadiness, comfort and attitude. Asana combines the need to feel good, with the natural desire to look the best.

Asana was conceived on the yoga mat. It is meant for friends and lovers of yoga. Asana completes a yogi’s wardrobe, from the inside to the outside, while the accessories complete the practice which it supports, for the journey from the outside to the inside.

Practice pranayama. Practice meditation. Practice asana. Do a few rounds of surya namaskar. Or just lie down in Savasana.

Welcome to a fresh, comfortable code for yoga.

It is called Asana.

Dyutima Goel

Has been practicing and teaching yoga since 2011.
My take All over the world, everywhere, women, and I include myself, love practising yoga. When I conceived Asana, yoga inspired clothing and accessories, it was out of a need to look good and feel comfortable in my daily practice. I realized that the clothing available around were not specific to the practice of yoga – the material, the shape and fit, the overall feeling of the body and mind – all of it was not anywhere close to what I wanted when I was on my yoga mat. I use my own products now, not only because they have been made by me, but also because as a woman I feel very good in them. My personal favourite is the jumpsuit, which keeps me appropriately covered, yet makes me look and feel feminine. And that is the philosophy behind Asana – as a woman, when you have your special me-time with yoga, you must also have the right accessories like clothing, carry bags and mats, to support you. It makes a huge difference. Having said that, we have a complete and special line of clothing for men, and all the other accessories are unisex. I have made sure to have men try out the samples, asked them for feedback, and finally developed the whole range. I offer Asana to all of you, yoga people!

Arun Pandala

One of the senior-most Sivananda trained teachers in North India. He has been practicing yoga since 1992 and teaching yoga since 1995.
Arun says Yoga has been part of my daily life for over 25 years now. The practice of asana and pranayama, surya namaskar and relaxation has been transformational. I have good health, and peace of mind, and a system which keeps me that way, day after day. If there is one thing I have wanted to add to my yoga practice for a long, long time, it has been the clothing and accessories which go with the practice. It has been long on my mind, that we in India, as Indians, and as avid yoga practitioners, develop comfortable, and suitable clothing, yoga mats, and similar supports to help enjoy this wonderful gift from our forefathers. I am delighted that I am part of a new project initiated by Dyutima, one of our leading yoga practitioners and teachers. Asana, yoga inspired clothing and accessories, is mentored and supported by Sivananda Yoga Centre, Gurgaon. It is a sincere and loving gift to yoga practitioners, created by someone who has been passionate about yoga since the day she started in the summer of 2011. Come, try some Asana. I am sure, you will enjoy using the products and recommend it too.

Deeksha Jain Prasad

Has been practicing yoga since 2002 and teaching since 2003.
Deeksha’s view  I am happy with our new adventure called Asana. As a woman, I have always been very particular about what I wear to a yoga class, how I look and importantly, how I feel. I have seen how comfortable and suitable pants and tops can change my practice, make it more fulfilling. When I go the yoga centre, it is important that I feel at my best, and also carry my purse and knick knacks, yoga mat, and myself in the most efficient way possible. Asana is very good. I like using all the products, and I suggest it to you as well. Try it, you will like it!