Sadhana by Swami Sivananda


Sadhana: A Textbook Of The Psychology And Practice Of The Techniques Of Spiritual Perfection by Swami Sivananda is a guide book with processes and guidelines that help its readers to achieve spiritual perfection through Sadhana. Sivananda teaches readers the step-by-step ways to understand themselves. The book then explains how readers can understand what they want to achieve from spiritual practices. As per the author, the first thing one needs to have is an ideal. After identifying an ideal, the second step is to find a definite purpose. After identifying both of these, the method of proceeding forward needs to be created.

To attain mental and physical peace, one needs to be free from the worldly attachments and these can be achieved through Abhyaas and Vairaagya. The methods by which one can learn these two practices and succeed in attaining peace are discussed in the book, so that, in cases of any worldly stress or disturbance, these acts can be used by readers to escape to a mental place of serenity. Sivananda leaves no angle of Sadhana untouched and imparts his wisdom for everyone seeking peace and contentment in life through this book.

The book presents the process of achieving the three supports of an ideal, definite program and background of thought, finally leading to achievement of Sadhana.